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Job added 27th January 2021

The Merchandise Coordinator is responsible for the handling, selling and organizing the merchandise of the production. This includes but is not limited to setting-up the merchandise stands, coordinate the local sellers, controlling the financials and stock of the stand.

The Merchandise Seller reports directly to the Tour Manager/Assistant Tour Manager and has an operational link with the Merchandise Manager in the head office.


Key duties and responsibilities

Financial administration

  • Is responsible for all required financial statements/reports and the complete and accurate payment of merchandise revenues to the Assistant Tour Manager/Tour Manager.
  • This is done via Excel files provided by the merchandise manager in the head office. Further he/she is aware of the financial goals to be achieved.

Merchandise stand

  • Is responsible for building up the merchandise stand and to display all merchandise items as well as building up the venue enhancements when required.
  • Is responsible to keep the merchandise stand representable.

Stock and Inventory

  • Takes care of the stock administration of the stand. Regular counts will be executed. Furthermore he/she is responsible for placing orders in time with the Head Office.


Selling & Sellers

  • Sells and represents Holiday on Ice Productions in such a manner the customer leaves with a positive image. When necessary solves problems with customers in an appropriate manner.
  • Trains, coordinates and motivates the local sellers.

Skills and requirements

  • Available to tour fulltime and to work in foreign countries for the period of mid-October ’21 until mid-May ’22
  • Excellent customer service skills, able to interact with the guests and provide excellent customer service
  • Demonstrates responsible and accurate cash handling skills
  • Demonstrates communication skills
  • Experience with styling or displaying items
  • Full professional proficiency in English language, German or French is an asset
  • Ability to work and travel worldwide
  • Ability to work on a flexible schedule, which includes evening, nights and weekend work
  • A flexible attitude and a team player as well as a person who can work independently
  • Must be able to lift boxes up to 20 kg


Please email your motivation letter and including CV to: