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    Please kindly refer to the below instructions submitting your photo/video materials. 

    If possible, start your video with a short introduction. Tell us who you are, what position you are applying for and why you should get it. If you can sing, play an instrument, work with fire or aerial apparatus that could add value to the show, make sure to mention it in your application.

    Let your skating tell us who you are!

    Show us your jumps (if you can), spins (combination spins appreciated) and don’t forget your best moves (backflip, Russian/split jumps, cantilever, illusions, spread-eagles and hydro-blade moves will get you noticed). Please note that we’d rather see a passionate performance than average jumps and spins. Make sure to capture the way you move in and out of your tricks in the video.

    Improvising to music shows personality, so at the end of your video just put the music on and go wild.

    Please do not use special effects whilst editing your video, we prefer it natural.

    We appreciate if you send your video via a link (youtube, vimeo, drive, Yandex, etc.) otherwise an mp4 will do.

    Dress appropriately. Stay away from sweats, just put on a pair of tights, pants or other skating wear. Anecdotes or additional information you wish to share should be placed at the end of the video.

    Criteria ensemble
    Strong basic skills such as proper use of the blades and edge control is crucial.

    Please make sure to include a sequence of steps (loops, counters, brackets, rockers, choctaws etc) in your video. NOTE: We only need to see one of everything

    Criteria Principal roles
    Strong, consistent jumping abilities with a double axel and a minimum of two triple jumps are mandatory for women whereas men should be able to do a minimum of three triples. A large variety of spins is also required. Performance footage from previous shows or exhibitions is very helpful. Diversity in performance styles is something we actively look for. So next to technical elements, skaters that capture an audience with a passionate performance are highly valued.

    Criteria Pair - Adagio - Dance Teams:
    Pair teams: double twists, side by side jumps, spins, a mix of level 4 lifts, pair-spins, death spirals, throw jumps. Some adagio lifts are a bonus. 

    Adagio teams: Strong lifts, reflecting flexibility, dynamics and originality. Thrown back-flips and other acrobatic tricks are appreciated.

    Dance teams: High level of edge control and original, flowless low lifts. Adagio lifts are very much appreciated.

    Please add the following recent photos to your application:

    • One portrait photo
    • Fully body picture in tight training clothes