As a tribute to 70 years of Holiday on Ice, Platinum celebrates the timeless character that it represents since its founding in the United States in the forties. Platinum takes the audience on a journey through 70 year of figure skating and features a wide variety of sounds from Brazilian electro to classical waltz, swing and gospel to Samba.
Platinum had their last show in March 2015 in Berlin and is finished touring.

Meet the skaters!

We love sharing information with you about our cast, their life, their motivations, their dreams and their way to their success!
If you want to know more about the Holiday on Ice skaters visit our Facebook page where you will find an album with photos and more information about the Platinum cast!

Guest star - Harald Glööckler

The designs of star designer Harald Glööckler are extravagant, sparkling and very eye-catching. His creations give the figure skaters in the Platinum show a dramatic and glamorous look.

Guest star - Norbert Schramm

Skating star Norbert Schramm is the host of the Platinum show. He will lead the audience through the show with his charismatic personality.

The creative team

Mark Naylor - Creative Director / Choreographer
Edwina Cox - Co-Director
Stephen Emmer - Musical Director, Arranger, Composer
David Shields - Set, props and costume designer
Luc Peumans - Light & Video Design
Jeroen ten Brinke - Sound Design
Melanie Lambert - Assistent Choreographer
Paco Mispelters - Light Board Programmer
Michael Al-Far - Video Content Design
Pieter Athmer - Script Consultant / Scriptwriter


We would like to share photos of the costumes with you so you can get a taste of the glamorous designs created in the 2013-2014 season!
Visit our Facebook page where you will find the costume album with photos and sketches for Platinum!


We love to share insights of our skaters' daily life at work.
Exploring the backstage world of the Platinum cast might help you find out how your life would be as a professional ice skater!
If you want to see how they spend their time during rehearsals, on tour and in their free time visit our Facebook page where you will find an album with photos and more information about the Platinum backstage world!